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Local Arrangements Committee

Patricia Keighley

Chair Vice President/GM David Keighley Production 70MM Inc.

Patricia is a Board member and Secretary of the Giant Screen Cinema Association, Chair of Films-in-Production/Films-in-Development sessions as well as past Chair of the Conference Committee, Technical Session, Coordinator of Digital Education sessions and multi year Producer of the annual Gala Awards Evening and Kodak Vision Award Programs.

 Patricia is a current SMPTE Governor for the Hollywood Region following two terms as Chair of SMPTE’s Hollywood section, previously serving as a Manager and Secretary-Treasurer.  She is a member of SMPTE’s Nominating Committee, Chair of this year’s Eastman Kodak Gold Medal Committee and member of the Samuel E. Warner Gold Medal Committee.  Patricia held the position of General Arrangements Chair of SMPTE’s 2004 Technical Conference and General Arrangements Vice Chair of the 2006 Technical Conference.   Patricia is also a member of the American Society of Cinematographers Technology Committee and the Inter Society Digital Cinema Forum.